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                                        Timeless War
War is always destructive… on both of the opposing forces. Yet it is still needed at times; when diplomacy fails. War can only go so far though, and when both sides have taken casualties beyond what they had intended, the stakes are raised.
The war we are about to go into happened a long time ago… and it almost brought both of the species to extinction. The year is thirteen twenty-four; the location is unknown to today.

What we know from this war has been presented in early documents from both sides of the fight. This war was between the great Dragonians, and the noble humans. From what the documents entail, the great Dragonians were what you would label a race of dragons.
How this fight began is beyond us all… the only clue to this mystery is that a village was claimed to be destroyed by a raiding party of Dragonians. I have found more though; through a long and hard process of studying. A close friend, who is a scientist and researcher, had put together a machine to throw me back in time.

What you are about to read is my account of being in the war… the only twist is that I had ended up on a side I never thought possible. I went into the time portal human… and came out as a Dragonian. My friend states that I was never human at all… you see the Dragonians fell in numbers until they risked extinction.

In order to save the race they mated with humans so we could take on the appearance of the humans. It worked but we lost our past until I rediscovered it… and I tried to stop the war. These are my accounts of the war…
                                       August 25, 2012

"The portal is almost ready to be opened… are you sure you want to do this?" My, energy drained, friend asked as he ran his hand through his blond hair.

I nodded and replied "I am sure Flame… I must do this; because this war has been hidden for so long. We must find out what happened to the Dragonian race."

Sighing he typed more commands into the panel of screens; I looked at the giant, white, archway. It glinted in the large white walled laboratory, which belonged to my friend. Cracking my knuckles in anticipation, I turned back to see Flame jog back into the protective Command room.

He gazed down at the monitors, with a look of pure focus. I moved to stand in front of the large machine. Through the intercom, Flame announced "Drackon… this will use a large amount of energy; so the portal can only be opened for three seconds."

This meant I would have a very short amount of time to get through the portal… but I had to do this. I gave him a thumbs up showing I understood, and I scooted closer to the archway. Then Flame began the countdown "Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One…"

I had already begun running at the portal the second he said "one" and I almost stopped in fear. Inside the arch a bright wall of purple lighted up, wind from nowhere threw paper and debris everywhere. The lab's lights flickered already about to lose power; I threw myself at the portal and closed my eyes in fear of what was to come.

                                         May 13, 1324

I felt dizzy and weak as I lay on the ground. Something was different but I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Slowly I opened my eyes and saw that I was laying on a dirt trail. Carefully I lifted my head and surveyed that I was in a forest… then I looked at my hands.

"AHHHHHH," I screamed in terror as I gazed in horror at what were once my hands. In front of me were two, scaly, paws… I tried to stand but could not. I fell onto all fours in a permanent quad stance. A puddle lied a few feet away and I rushed over to it. There I found the biggest shock of my life; instead of seeing my usual fleshy, human, face; I found a draconic muzzle.

I turned my head, which was easier due to my longer neck, and stared, at my red scales. Then my gaze moved to my underside… yellow scrutes overlapped each other creating protective armour for my chest, under my neck, and down to the tip of my new tail.
  A small smile crept of my muzzle as I stretched my wings. I looked back at the puddle and admired my black horns, golden eyes, and small black spikes that ran down my back to the tip of my tail.

This felt right for me… but then things took a turn for the worse. "Oy ready yourselves; beast in our path!!!" A voice ordered behind me.

Quickly I whipped around to find three knights behind me; each had his weapon at the ready. The knight in the middle, who I guessed was the leader, said to me in a disgusted tone "You have been caught you mongrel… now prepare to die."

Anger swept my mind of all clear thinking and I roared. I stopped and looked down at the pathetic three humans that called themselves noble warriors. "You three have ran into a very generous person today… now walk and I let you live." I growled.

A knight with a mace chuckled "You call yourself a person… you are nothing more than an animal… we do not walk in fear from animals."

This upped my level of anger to another level and I stood to full height. For a second I saw fear cross the man's face, but it didn't last long before the knight on the right charged at me with a steel great-sword.

Effortlessly I sidestepped and lashed at him with my tail; it met with his middle and he was sent flying. I growled at the others as the knight with the mace stared in terror at me. The leader pulled out a plain iron short-sword and glared at me "You have angered my party and I… prepare to face me to answer for that."

I busted out laughing as the brave warrior lashed at me with his sword. Lifting my leg out of the way I brought it down and squished him. Slowly I looked at the remaining knight and said "I am giving you one last chance… run and forget you ever saw me."

He nodded in understanding and took off back the way he came. "Well done… I must admit I thought you would not have the ability to take on those slayers." I turned to face a black and yellow dragon.

I sat and looked at him as he studied me; then I replied "Knights do not survey their enemies to test if they stand a chance or not."

The dragon looked at me and asked "Where did you study your fighting technique… I am afraid I have not seen anything like it."

"I have taught myself my own style of fighting; no other instructor required." I answered feeling proud to say this.

He nodded and approached me, and then he sat directly in front of me. His light blue eyes stared at me; until he finally introduced himself "I have many names from the humans… but our race calls me Grusong."

I lowered my head in respect and stated "An honor… my title is Drackon Druvious."
When I looked back up at him his muzzle reflected shock. "Druvious… no it cannot be you; the prophesized one that would save us all from this murderous war."

Now I had become confused "What are you rambling about… how does my name spark such a topic with these Prophesies of which you speak?"
"According to the great seer a red scaled Dragonian from a far off land; comes to save us all from the destruction of mankind." Grusong replied in answer to my question.

Quickly he stood and sniffed the air; then he looked at me and stated "More humans approach… It is not safe here we must go to the camp so we can talk."

Without warning he threw open his powerful wings and took off into the air. I had never flown before but I felt instinct tug at my mind; I let my body do what felt right. My wings opened and I hopped into the air; with a few flaps I was hovering above the ground.
I heard the humans getting closer so I wasted no time and I flapped my wings some more.

It wasn't long before I had caught up with Grusong; he led and I trailed behind him. The forest below was lost as we traveled further into mountainous country.

Smoke could be seen from one very large, flat mountain peak. Dragonians had stronger lungs than the humans, I decided, because judging the height from the mountains; the air would be too thin for any human to breath.

We angled towards the peak and soon I spotted a huge war camp of Dragonians. Grusong landed in the middle of the camp and I landed beside him; he motioned for me to follow. While we walked I looked around in great interest; forges made for Dragonian paws were scattered everywhere.

Dragonians, suited up in armour, were busy gathering in practice formations. There were small hatchlings and dragonesses working or playing outside the tents that housed them. Grusong led me into a large battle conference tent and sat down on the ground since there were no chairs. I did the same and sat like a dog would; then I noticed two other dragons gazing at me.

"Nice to see you have brought a new recruit Grusong… but we do not expect you to bring the recruit here to us." A large, golden dragon said looking at me.

Grusong sighed and answered "I brought him for a reason Recriff."

"Now what is your reason for this intrusion?" A battle scarred, Green and black, dragon asked.

I shifted uncomfortably as his gaze turned to me. Grusong saved me from the dragon's harsh look by saying "This is not just any average recruit… please tell them your name."

"My name is Drackon Druvious," I told the two dragons sitting across from us.
Their expressions turned to that of shock and matched Grusong's almost perfectly. Outside, a light rain had begun to fall; the sound of the practicing Dragonian militia also filled the quiet air inside the tent.

Recriff, the golden dragon, was the first to recover and he replied in a grave voice "Get him out of here Grusong… now."

This caught Grusong off guard and he questioned "What are you talking about… I found the one to save us all!?!"

"Get him out of here… we do not trust these legends of old tales, but the humans will raise hell if they find he is around." The green dragon said in a hurried tone.

Grusong slammed a heavy paw onto the table in anger, and roared "Are you two too thick skulled to understand that we can end the war now; all we have to do is follow this young fellow into battle!?!"

Recriff growled menacingly "Get… out… now."
My wing was grabbed by Grusong; and he turned me towards the exit. I walked out and the other dragon replied "By the way… don't bother coming back… you have been relieved of your duties."

Grusong strolled ahead of me and I decided it was best to give him his space at the moment. Bystanders jumped out of the way of him as he growled at them to move. The wet ground mushed underfoot as we traveled out of the camp and into the isolated mountains.
The sun set quickly and without warning Grusong lay down on the grass underneath a tree. I warily curled up under a tree across from him and rested my head upon my paws.

"I do not understand how they can be so ignorant… stupid even." He said as he pawed at the ground.

With the silence broke by him I took this time to reply, "Well maybe they are right… if I am predicted to save you all, and the humans know about me. Then they would go through hell to get me."

The rain continued falling through the green pine trees. I did not feel the cold because of my new form but I knew that, being this high in the mountains, meant it was very cold. Eventually the sun had disappeared completely, leaving us in the dark.

He looked at me with hurt eyes and stated "I found you for a reason… now we don't even have the main force to help us. All has been lost for our kind because of this decision."

I returned his gaze, "Not all is lost… perhaps we were supposed to do this alone?"
"That may be… no that must be the way to do this… it HAS to be the way." Grusong muttered to himself; suddenly he stood and began to pace. I watched him as he talked under his breath, thinking about things I couldn't hear.

After, what seemed like the longest time, he stopped and said "I know where we can end this fight."

I too stood and asked "Where would this be then?"

His face turned to match anger and doom as he explained, "The human king… Oliver Castaway; if we kill him the humans will be forced to retreat due to the heavy casualties and no one to lead them."

Nodding, to show I understood, I replied "It sounds like a fair plan, risky, but a good idea."

Grusong sighed and told more; "The only problem is getting to the man."

"What do you mean; it can't be that hard can it," I questioned as I shifted uneasily.

Chuckling he said "It is a king we are talking about… they will have him surrounded with archers, guards, knights, and even slayers."

Grunting I shook my head free from the annoying rain; "Then how about we try a different approach then the "Hack and Slash" tactic?"

"I take it you have a different strategy then… go on, out with it," he ordered, eager to listen.

A smile crossed my face as I replied; "He thinks we are animals does he not?"

Grusong growled; "The baffoon thinks we are less than animals."

"I see… well he will not think of us as that if we come with a surrender note." I laughed as I thought of my plan.

Water dripped onto his muzzle and he backed up under his tree; "I refuse to surrender… we don't even have the authority to issue a surrender."

"No we don't… but it will allow us to enter his camp and tent unharmed." I replied.

He looked at me darkly saying, "I see your plan… no I will not kill him with him thinking we are there peacefully. That is a coward's way of ending a war."

I returned to my tree and said, "I was not thinking about that… what if we chatted with the king and got HIM to surrender."

"Impossible; he would never back down… just look at how he has run the number of his people down to a dangerous level." He sighed and started to paw at the ground again.

This was the truth from everything I have heard; "I say it is worth a shot and if it doesn't succeed… then we will fight outside his tent so we will have to fight him and his guards."

As he heard this, Grusong stopped his small attack on the dirt and raised his eye ridge at me. "You think this will work then?"

I grinned and answered, "Let me show you how to end a war without an army."

Then we started laughing; happy to find a possible way out of this bloody mess. After we had calmed down, Grusong stated "We must get some sleep then… we have a long day ahead of us."

I yawned in agreement, and rested my head back onto my paws. Before I knew what was happening, I had fallen into a deep sleep.

                                       May 14, 1324

Before the sun had risen, I was awoken by Grusong. Quickly, we had a small breakfast of squirrel and two rabbits. I found out that raw meat, was very good tasting and I couldn't catch any diseases that it could carry.

Grusong led the way through the mountains and finally we found a large plateau. "We will fly from here; it will be around noon by the time we get there."

I turned to face him and then nodded. I was ready to stop this war… even though I had only been a part of it for a day. With a running start he leaped off the edge of the cliff, and he pumped his wings already flying away.

Doing the same thing, I followed suit and flew beside him. Luckily flying wasn't boring, because if it was, the long journey would have driven me to the edge, with boredom. Forest rolled endlessly below us, then that changed to flat open plains.

Enjoying the scenery, I looked down at the land below me. Then the beauty of it turned ugly, the plains were burned and scarred by battle. Smoke rose from scorched grass. Bodies of dead warriors, both humans and Dragonian, lay in staggering numbers, upon the ground defeated.

"Do not look at that… this is where we have failed; but now you must succeed." Grusong hung his head sadly.

The war had destroyed not only the two opposing groups, but everything around them as well. Soon the battlefield had passed below and we made our way to the human camp. Walls, made from pine trunks, surrounded the large camp. Smoke from fires, rose from the camp.
There seemed to be millions of tents, although many were for storage of supplies and weapons. Together, Grusong and I landed outside the main entrance of the human's camp.

"State your business or leave now!" we looked up to find a force of archers on top of the wall.

Arrows were aimed at us with deadly accuracy. It was Grusong who made the first move, "We are here bringing news of a surrender… this is a peaceful mission."

Unsure, the archers lowered their weapons slowly. "You may pass… but go only to the king's tent." A young, blond headed, man told us.

I followed Grusong as he led me to the king's quarters. Two knights were stationed outside of the tent's entrance; one, in heavy iron armour, raised his gloved hand and said "The king is inside but if we hear any commotion… we will have your heads."

When he lowered his arm, we proceeded inside. The king was sitting on a chair behind a large, oak, table. Papers were strewn about in a chaotic manner; Grusong sat and I did the same.

I studied the king, in his early thirties it seemed, light brown hair, green eyes, and a beard that surrounded his mouth. He wore an elegant tunic, embroidered with his family's crest.

The king looked up at us and asked, in an unhappy tone, "Are you here to ask for your land back?"

Grusong shook his head and replied; "You took our land, we gave you war… but we are here to ask something differently of you."

Now it was my turn as he faced me; "Yes; king we beg of you to surrender your forces… the Dragonian leaders are too stubborn to do so. We thought you had more sense then they, in this matter."

Sighing he sat back in his chair and replied; "I understand… you two are not with them anymore; are you not?"

Both, Grusong and I, shook our heads and the king continued; "So you wish of me to surrender… so we can end this hardship. I will do so… but the only problem is; I want s to share the land equally."

I nodded; "It sounds to be a fair request… does it not Grusong?"

Smiling he said; "Yes it sounds to be an agreeable term… will when you issue a surrender dear king?"

The tired man looked at him saying; "Immediately; I am tired of this war… go on and bring word to your people; we are at peace."

The three of us smiled and shook paws, and hand, with one another. We bid our farewells and exited the tent. "That went well… I am surprised; he is nothing like the tales I have heard of him." Grusong chuckled as we took off into the sky.

"What do you mean… I thought you have met the man before?" I asked looking at him as we flew onward to the Dragonian camp.

Grusong looked over at me and answered; "In truth I have not… I have heard only stories of how he thought us to be animals; I feel bad for thinking that now."

"So this entire time… all you had to do is ask for peace and it would have been given. The only thing that stopped you was some stories and gossip." I thought out loud.

Groaning he nodded; I laughed and continued on to the camp. We talked as we traveled and
it seemed like only a few minutes had passed by the time we had arrived at the camp. The Dragonian warriors were going on with another training round.

We entered the battle plan tent and instantly we were met with hostility. "Grusong I told you to leave this area… now you will be killed and your friend too." Recriff said and two armed guards started towards us.

Quickly Grusong raised a paw and stated; "We bring news from King Oliver of the humans."
The room grew silent and the two guards stopped their approach. "King Oliver has ordered a surrender… on the grounds we share the land as equals and no one can claim ownership to it, unless purchased." Grusong smiled as he saw Recriff's face.

"How… can this be; how did you do this?" He asked in surprise

Motioning to me, Grusong stated; "It was not my idea… but this young lad's idea that saved us all."

Recriff rushed over to me and stuck out his paw; I took it and we shook. "Thank-you for this… I am sorry for earlier but you must understand that I didn't want to risk our safety."

"I understand fully," I replied as he looked at me smiling.

Everything form then passed in a blur of commotion; everyone started to celebrate. Soon it grew dark; and it was time for me to say my good-bye. I walked out into the forest with Grusong by my side.

I stopped and we looked at each other; "It is time for me to go… you have been a great friend Grusong."

He looked at me sadly and replied "As well as you have been a great companion to me."

We shook paws and he turned to leave; over his shoulder he called, "Have fun in your time… the past isn't for you."

I watched in awe as I realized he knew where I had come from. He left and I touched my paw to a mark on my right foreleg. It glowed white for a minute; and then I passed out.

When I awoke; I was laying on a bed inside Flame's lab. Expecting I would be human again I went to stand but I fell on all fours. The thrill of feeling right filled me with joy.
Looking into a mirror, on the wall by a door leading out of the room, confirmed I was still a dragon. As I was admiring myself the door opened; a silver and yellow dragon entered my room.

Quickly I turned and looked at him; I stared until I finally saw a familiar face "F-Flame… is that really you?"

He burst out laughing with joy and said "Yes is it… seems like you succeeded in your task."

I nodded and replied "Has anything else changed?"

"A better question would be; 'What hasn't changed?" He looked at me with happy eyes and turned on a TV, in the corner of the room.

A grim faced, female, reporter came on saying; "It seems something has occurred… something very phenomenal." Flame chuckled and I continued watching.

"What used to be everyday world citizens; are now dragons. Scientists are unsure of what caused this sudden change; but are aware that this is not a contagious disease." The TV was turned off and Flame looked at me grinning. "I always wanted to do this… change people into something that they really were deep down."

I laughed and replied "Now what is our task at paw?"

"Well it's time you and I went out and told the world what really happened on May fourteenth, thirteen twenty-four." I smiled as he said this.

Time is a funny thing… on it can play its roll. We can help though; now time had taken a twist and things went with it. This was going to be fun and I got to play a heavy role in it.
This is a fast story I did in two days... okay so it wasn't fast but I had a friend over and I can't find time to just sit down and relax. I have a couple requests to work on; so don't expect too many of these right now. Hope you like this... I enjoyed writing this and I might do more of these.
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Shadowfaller Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
A unique plot, ending has be asking questions and your right, time is a funny thing. All in all, simple, enjoyable, elegant, all worth the read. Good luck with your novel by the way.
NyraWrites Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank-you for the read and I hope the novel will come faster but hey who knows where my writing goes. Thanks man.
Shadowfaller Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
A pleasure Mate. Keep it up.
NyraWrites Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah I will thanks
bennyzom Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
pretty nice! :D
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NyraWrites Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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Well,it ain't a bad story,it's pretty good,though short.Maybe that's how dragons dissapeared on earth :noes:
NyraWrites Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This one is actually a possible one I might make into a novel later... just for fun.
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