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The Dragon Lover

Part 1

Seth woke up to bright sunshine filtering down through his window and the chirping of the birds. Rubbing his brown eyes Seth got out of bed and looked around his room. Seth loved the way his room was always tidy. The way his brown computer desk was lined with books that were all alphabetically ordered made him happy knowing he would never loose anything.
Then Seth turned and looked at his walls they were the only things in his room that weren't neat. Posters covered the walls from base board to ceiling but not any old posters they were posters of dragons. Only Seth knew about his love for dragons and he intended to keep it a secret from everyone.
There was on wall that had one poster on it, it was of a red anthro dragon with the same color of eyes as Seth. It stood on its hind legs like a person and it had its arms crossed with a smirk on its face. This poster was Seth's favorite, every time Seth was around the poster he felt like it was connected to him.
Sighing Seth went downstairs walking down the white carpeted steps as loudly as he pleased to. Seth expected to find his mom cooking breakfast for him. What he found was a yellow sticky note on the stove that read "Seth we went to that doctor's convention to learn about some new prescription laws. You know the rules and you should have enough food we will be back in a week the phone numbers are on the fridge if you need them."
Seth sighed and said to himself "She still treats me like a child I am fifteen for crying out loud." Seth walked back up stairs after he had eaten a bowl of cereal and he stopped at the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He saw his brown hair, slightly athletic body, and Seth went back up stairs.
He logged into DeviantART and seen that his latest dragon story had a comment. Seth clicked the message and read "Wow a great story I am glad that the dragon was finally accepted it's always nice to see that some people actually have a heart for my kind." This made Seth laugh until the last part which confused him.
What did he mean "His Kind" Seth responded and said "Thanks for liking it but what do you mean your kind?" Seth sent the message to RedClaw and sat back in his chair. He logged into his instant chat and found his old pal, Dracon144, online. Seth sent a message to him saying "Hey long time no see huh?" He waited for awhile and soon got a reply the said "Ya sorry but the camp has been getting a lot of campers lately and the counselors have been busy."
Seth had forgotten that Dracon was a counselor for the new camp in Montana and here was Seth in California no way to see Dracon. Seth typed "Oh ya I see so what is the camp exactly for?" Seth waited for a long time and went to the bathroom when he came back he seen that he had gotten a reply "Listen I um can't say much but its for some special cases… I have to go."
Seth said bye but Dracon was already long gone, man he was getting really weird lately and he chuckled to himself and looked at his poster and that's when the knock that would change his life forever came at his door downstairs.
Hello everyone I am new to DeviantArt I was told by friend that this was the place to go to have my writing shown and published without being trolled. Don't get me wrong I love CONSTRUCTIVE criticism but not destructive anyways thank you for reading this is my style and yes like I said before I SUCK at writing.
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dragonlord2288 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2013
good begining

NyraWrites Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
dragonlord2288 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
your welcome

Dragonboytf Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012
Whippe, didoo, mah, whippidee ay... You won't get that... Noone knew does.

A newbie, YAI!!!! Welcome to dA bro! Let me introduce myself. I'm DBTF, and this is la, my faithful companion,
Along with is friends, happybounce and squee!

Just so you know, this story is great so far... I'm liking it... Dracon, a mestyrious guy, and a mysterious knock... I like knocks =3

Good, safe travels! Oh, and, if you need me, just say, OK, i'm around alot. I'll give you a friend request...

Great to find a newbie...
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