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                                    Slayer's Son

Light, from an open window, gently filtered down onto a mess of brown hair. The owner of this hair was hidden under a blanket, on a bed. Sighing, the sleeping lump, in the bed sat up and the blanket fell down to reveal a boy almost going into manhood.

He rubbed his tired eyes, and stretched his slightly muscled arms. When he finally managed to fully open his eyes, he looked around the room. It wasn't very big but it was enough to house him. A dresser stood against a wall, beside the door.

This was his main concern. Slowly he got out of bed and made his way over to the oak dresser. Without much care, he selected from the dresser, a white cotton long-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and a pair of wool socks. As he was dressing, the boy's eyes turned to a note on top of his nightstand, by his bed.

Quickly he finished with his clothes and moved to the note, which read;

We have set off for Vermon late last night, we will return shortly, a week at most. Please listen to Arctavious while I am away, I know he seems to be a bit thick skulled at times, but that doesn't mean you should be ignorant about his lessons.
Yersof will resume your training with you, also, when we return. Now I beg of you to rush over to Beker and pick up some supplies. Do what you will with whatever coins are left, but do not buy anything from the weapon's master.
If you need armour or a weapon, I taught you haw to forge one yourself. I expect you will craft them; we do not buy weapons that we can forge. Besides ours are stronger, lighter, and faster, there is no reason to waste coin on their petty wares.
Please listen to me for once… do not go into the forests. As you have heard, dragons have been spotted in there. I know you, you will try to find one and hunt it… do not do that. Your time will come to prove yourself, but that time hasn't come yet.

Seneran snorted and tossed the note back down onto the table. His father was right though, he had to admit, going out into the forest alone was suicide. Without a hunting group, traveling into the woods was a very dangerous task. He turned around and walked back to his door.

He turned the brass handle and the small, pinewood door swung open, revealing a large living room. He strolled out into the room, his feet tramped over a few bearskin rugs that were very soft to the touch. A fireplace, made from large, rounded stones, stood against the main wall.

Heads and antlers, from past trophy animals, were hung on every wall. Seneran picked his boots up from a large rack of footwear. Then he sat down on a wooden seat and began lacing up his boots. The chair creaked with age as he readied himself for the day.

The window across from Seneran glowed with sunshine and it promised to be a beautiful day. This was a rare occasion, the sunny day and clear skies, because of the consistent rain that fell here in Greser.

After he had his boots on and laced up; Seneran stood from the chair. He walked over to a table that contained a bag of coins. The coins clinked together as he tied the leather pouch to his belt. His boots thumped against the floor as he walked over to the enormous door that led outside to the world.

Bird calls and a calm breeze that smelled of wild flowers, greeted him as he exited the building. "Morning lad," Seneran turned to see Arctavious sitting on the porch, "You off to do your father's chores he has for you?"

Seneran smiled kindly and walked fully out onto the porch, the door closed behind him. "Yes I am off to Beker… I believe I am supposed to visit with Greke for the supplies?"

Arctavious took out a large pipe from his leather bag beside him and lit the tobacco inside. He took a puff from it, and then answered, "Yes Greke would be the one to talk to about the supplies… he does, after all, have the best deals in the area."

"Also, do I pick up the usual supplies? You know the beans, cloth, sugar, salt, and the sorts?" Seneran stretched and looked back at Arctavious.

He smiled in return and nodded; his fur clothes and red hair was always a common sight. "Get the main stuff such as that… but are you going to get it after or before the festival?"

Shock teased his mind as Seneran gasped that he had forgotten about the festival. The summer festival was the biggest celebration that Beker had to offer. Rubbing the back of his neck, Seneran replied sheepishly, "Um… I forgot about the festival truthfully."

Chuckling, Arctavious looked at the boy and said in a teasing manner, "How are we supposed to believe you will have our backs, if you can't remember a huge event such as the festival?"

They stared at each other for the longest time; then they burst out laughing. "I guess you have a point… but if we were battling a beast, I am sure I would remember then."
"Alright," Arctavious said, "It is best if you headed off, we don't want you to get in trouble for not getting the supplies but celebrating."

The chair rocked back and forth as he sat in it. "Right, I am off then. I will be back late tonight then." Seneran said as he merrily left the porch and waved back at Arctavious.

The warrior grinned and muttered to himself, "That boy is going to be one hell of an opponent on the field."

Cotton glided on the breeze and Seneran watched with meager interest. He was eager to arrive at Beker, so in order to keep this journey from becoming dull, he let his mind wander.

First he thought of all the things to do during the festival. There would be coins left over from getting the supplies, and if he was really lucky, he could lower Greke's prices even further. That would allow him to gain more coin to spend during the celebration.

The bumpy path was lined with leafy trees on either side. Wagon tracks from travelers and traders were imprinted into the dirt. Seneran kicked a rock with his heavy boot and watched it skid across the path.

His father would be mad if he didn't get the supplies first. This was because Seneran was a little loose with his money at times. He would have to buy supplies first and find a place to stash them so they wouldn't be stolen.

Quickly, to avoid being trampled, Seneran jumped to the side of the road as a knight on a horse sped by. "He is heading to Beker it seems… wonder what caused him to move so swiftly?" He thought to himself.

The road seemed to stretch forever. Time seemed to slip by slowly and Seneran wished for trip to take less time. If only if he had wings. That was ironic; his very future was set on hunting beasts that had wings. This was a choice made for him at birth; he had no control over it.

He had his "joining" when he was born. A name was not even bestowed upon him until he joined his prey in blood. The joining was dangerous and risky. Men that had fought in gruesome battles, died during their joining. It was also a sickening process but it gave power that normal men did not have.

In order to be a Slayer, a bowl of dragon's blood would be required. Then your hand would be cut on the palm, after that you would be required to stick your hand into the bowl of blood. Seneran shivered as he thought of what came next, the dragon's blood would enter your body and consume your human blood. This was risky because it could consume you entirely, killing you in a second.

Viewing it like this, Seneran was lucky to have lived through it. He was only a baby when it was performed on him. The effects of it were tremendous though, Seneran never experienced life before he lost his human attributes, but he knew he was capable of doing things no man could.

For example, he could smell an animal a hundred yards away, see very well in the dark, run without tiring for a couple miles, and move very quietly. His agility was inhuman but his appearance was human… for the most part.

Sadly, as everyone around him thought, Seneran had attained some draconic features. His eye's had a gold iris and his pupils looked like they were becoming slits. The incisors, in his mouth, were almost fang-like and could tear through meat with ease. Seneran also acted differently too, such as he would growl when angry or fall asleep in a curled up position.

The reason behind the draconic behavior and looks was a mystery to the Slayers. Although they had a hunch it was because of Seneran being introduced to the dragon blood at such an early age.

Life was good for Seneran though. He had good instructors to teach him combat, survival, alchemy, and all of that stuff. Is father was away most of the time though, due to the fact that the Slayers had grown tremendously. His father was a guard to the leader of the Slayers.

Before he was born, the Slayers were only four men. Then the king announced he would fund the slayers, but only if he got to put one of his men in charge of them. Seneran's father and his three friends agreed to the terms. It went from there; many brave men joined or died trying, but still the number of the group grew till it stretched over the whole empire.

Everything would be perfect; only one thing was missing from Seneran's life. His mother, she disappeared one night after his third summer. He didn't know much about her, only she was pretty, kind, and loved his father very much.

This didn't bother him at all, if his mother needed to pursue life without them. Then so be it; he wouldn't let her take him down. He smiled as the sound of daily life in Beker could be heard. His feet pounded on the ground as he sprinted into the town.

The buildings were older, made from whatever wood could be used at the time and had thatched roofs. Tents and festival ornaments were being hung around the city. The coble stone streets were filled with people and a few wagons. Turning into an alleyway, Seneran took a shortcut to Greke's trade shop.

He spotted the old building ahead and ran to it. The old, pine log trading shop was a good sight to see after the long winter. The shingled roof, missing a patch of shingles here and there, stuck out over the sidewalk. The two front windows watched as he approached; Seneran opened the door and the odor of furs, tobacco, meat, and many other supplies wafted into him.

A man with grey hair, dressed in a green travel cloak, and with green eyes, stood behind the counter of the shop. He paid no attention to Seneran, and looked down at a book that was open before him.

"Hello Greke… did you fare well this winter?" Seneran asked as he strolled up to the counter.

The old man looked up and smiled, "I did well, as one could say, and my inventory has tripled." He said in a excited and merry voice.

Hearing about his enlarged inventory, Seneran thought to himself, "Good that means if his inventory has grown, I will be able to talk him down to lower prices."

Greke quickly closed his book and stored it under the counter. "Now what can I help you with young man?"

"I need the supplies my father and I always get please Greke." He untied the money pouch from his belt and hid it in his pocket.

Standing up straight, Greke brushed the front of his cloak off and replied, "I can do that… does twenty coin sound fair?"

Seneran looked at him with wide eyes and said, "You normally charge forty at lowest… you must be doing very well Greke."

"I am; and I also understand it is festival time so you might want to keep as much coin as possible."

Nodding, Seneran pulled out twenty gold pieces and paid Greke. "Do you know of any place I could store these supplies…. I don't want them to be stolen while I am at the celebration."

Greke grinned and answered, "I will drop the supplies off at your house… I need to talk to Arctavious anyways."

Seneran wondered what Greke wanted with Arctavious but pushed it aside and thanked Greke.
"It's no problem Seneran; now go on and have a good time at the celebration." Greke said
kindly, Seneran took his leave and waded out into the crowd of festival goers. "I know what I am going to do first," He said as his heavy coin pouch clanked in his pocket.
Here it is... the first chapter of my novel I am working on. I hope you like this story, I know i am having a great time writing it for your enjoyment. Thank-you for reading and have a good day/night.
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