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A Dragon Impulse Part 5


There was no moon to light my way as I crept around the bunkhouse. I had to be very careful not to make any noise for if the guards roaming the yard caught me who knew what would happen. Slowly but surely, I made it to the corner of the building.
I quickly stuck my head out to find two draconic guards walking and talking together. "God… get out of my way you lizards," I spat under my breath. The guards were coming my way and I had nowhere to hide… unless; "Oh I am such and idiot" I told myself. Backing up from the wall I prepared to charge the wall.
With all of my agility I ran up the wall to the roof like I had done all my life. "I knew that freerunning would save me one day." Said I. The guards walked by not noticing me on the roof. Now I would freerun across the buildings to the main complex; hopefully Josh, Tom, and Amy would do their part.
As I jumped across the rooftops as I thought about what I was going to do tonight. My first night at the complex and I was going to take it down. I made a promise to the hunters and myself; I made an oath to the hunters to bring down the dragons.
So what if my mom was a dragon? She didn't raise me I raised myself; I am not a dragon I am a human. Dragons don't belong here on earth there just isn't enough room for us to live in harmony. I promised myself that I would get my friend back… Arky was just stuck in the wrong body and I can save him.
Determination set in as I told myself this. I came to a stop and looked around the complex that was just a leap away. *PEEEEEEEEEWWWWW…. BOOM crackle crackle*; I spun around and saw part two of my plan set in motion. Tom had set off a firework… then loud music started as Josh and Amy played LMFAO Party Rock Anthem.
The distraction had been started; now it was up to me to break into the third story window of the Complex. I heard guards running from every direction to the source of the distraction. Amy, Tom, and Josh could hold their ground but not for long.
I jumped to the second story window and started to climb to the third story. Quickly I moved towards my target window. The window was locked but it didn't matter to me. From my sweatshirt I pulled out a tire iron. With a fast *Whack* the window shattered.
As I feared an alarm started going off alerting the entire Complex that there was an intruder. I had very little time to get to the phone in the main office. Quickly I slipped in through the window like a sly assassin. My feet were pounding against the ground in tune with my fluttering heart.
The hallway seemed to stretch on forever when I turned around the corner I ran face first into my worst nightmare… Barliaus. "Ahhh… I should've known you were the criminal on the loose." He said in an amused tone; I threw my left leg out and went to slip past the dragon but he quickly caught on and with reflexes like lightning he grabbed me. Lifting me to eye level Barliaus chuckled "Leaving so soon? I can't let you do that… no you and your group needs to be punished."
"Well I have two words to say to you…" I replied, Barliaus stared at me and finally asked "What is it?" I grinned and yelled "KILL SHOT!!!" As I yelled my right leg flew up and smashed between Barliaus's legs. Instantly I was dropped and Barliaus fell to the ground moaning and groaning.
Normally I would never throw such a cheap shot but, hey it was a dragon and he grabbed me. I turned around and ran but it wasn't long before I became lost in the huge complex. "RAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRR," Barliaus roared signaling that he was up and from the sound of it he was not a happy camper.
"Why do I always get myself into these situations!?!" I exclaimed; Barliaus had caught up with me and I could see he wanted revenge. I backed up until I was against a wall; Barliaus was slowly advancing with a crazy look on his muzzle.
There was nothing that I could use for a good weapon in my area. "Oh you look scared… why is that?" Barliaus teased me; I cleared my throat and tried to calm him down "Now I know you are mad… but I didn't mean anything by it." Barliaus started laughing and replied "I cannot forcefully change you… but have you ever heard of phantom limbs?" Fear pulsed through me "What about them?" I asked pushing myself closer to the wall. "Ha ha ha ha… you shall find out soon enough," as Barliaus said this he snapped his claws. I suddenly felt very dizzy and I passed out.
I was surrounded by darkness and I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face. "Ha ha ha ha…," a deep menacing voice chuckled. "Who… who's there?" I called out; suddenly a familiar shape emerged from the darkness. My eyes widened when I realized who it was "Thogar… what are you doing here?" My dragon slaying mentor walked towards me.
"Why am I here? Ha ha ha ha ha… I came here to show you the truth." I stared at Thogar then I finally asked "What truth… and how are you in my dream?" Thogar smiled and chuckled "I came through to you when your dragon senses were the strongest."
Thogar started advancing towards me saying "I am surprised that you would actually tried to kill our kind." Confusion ran through my head "I never tried to kill humans!" I retaliated; he stopped walking and started to laugh uncontrollably. "Wow you still don't see it do you… but even my most highly trained dragon hunters still don't see it." Thogar chuckled.
My confusion was intensified with every word he spoke and when I become confused I tend to get angry. Today was no exception; sneering at Thogar I replied "You better start making sense before I beat the sense out of you!" "Your anger pleases me… it just means we might have a new ally in this war." He commented; he sensed that I was still lost and my anger was rising.
"Fine let me spell it out for you," Thogar started and continued, "First you need to see the real me." Bones started cracking in Thogar's body and skin started tearing as his body began to grow. Blood poured a deep dark red all over the floor; with a loud and blood curdling *CHSSSSSSSCH* a pair of wings ripped out of his back. Another ripping sound signaled a tail which erupted from his tailbone.
Time slowed down as Thogar's transformation sped up and soon I was no longer looking at my former mentor. Now I was staring in horror at a dark grey quadruped dragon that towered over. This was no ordinary dragon… oh no this was one from the legends when the hunters were first created. This was a ancient Feral and he was out for power.
"HA HA HA HA… well SAY SOMETHING," He commanded me as I stood frozen in fear. "What… the… HELL!!!" I screamed and Thogar smiled showing his teeth that were obviously used for ripping through anything in his way. Still this made no sense to me so I said "Wait… why are you killing dragons if YOU are a dragon?" Thogar stared at me for what seemed like an eternity before replying "Simple if I kill enough dragons soon they will bow to me and I will rule everything including humans."
I was going to ask <Why are you telling me this?> when Thogar bid me farewell "I must go now… but keep in mind I have something special planned for you." I wanted to stop him from leaving but I could feel myself waking up. Bright warm sunlight streamed through the open blinds onto my face. Slowly I uncurled myself and got out of bed.  "Weird," I thought to myself "I never curl up in my sleep."
The room was obviously part of the medical wing in the main Complex building. I stretched my arms and felt something on my back stretch with them. Turning my head to see what was on my back I turned to find nothing there.
Shrugging I walked over to the dresser and grabbed my clothes. I put my shirt on and felt my back contract like my shirt was smashing something down against me. I became uncomfortable as the feeling did not go away. Ignoring it I threw on my pants but I was answered with a sharp pain from my tailbone. I had enough of the mysterious feelings that had no reason to appear.
Against common sense I threw my back against the wall trying to squish whatever was causing these strange feelings. Pain shot through my back and tailbone. "OWWWWW… what the hell is wrong with me!" I yelled in pain; "The question is not what is wrong with you but more along the lines of what is RIGHT with you." I turned to find Barliaus standing the doorway smiling like he just won something.
"What the hell do you mean?" I quizzed the cocky dragon; Barliaus walked into the room closing the door with his tail. I backed up towards my bed until I almost sat down; Barliaus quickly grabbed me before I sat down saying "Be careful… you don't want to hurt yourself do you?" "How will sitting harm me," I asked Barliaus, he just smiled and patted my back.
Suddenly I felt two appendages as clearly as I could feel any other part of my body. I could no longer feel my shirt even though it was there; the two new limbs stretched and again I turned to find nothing there. "Having fun with your wings?" Barliaus teased. "You mean… I am cursed with… phantom limbs!" I started to panic; Barliaus nodded and replied "I changed two things about you as your punishment for your actions last night."
Two changes… why two, what are these two changes? Millions of questions ran through my head and I wanted answers… now. Before I could quiz Barliaus I felt another weird sensation in my face. It felt like a cold, raw egg had been smashed over my face… but where I could feel this cold energy was not on my face. I tried to feel what I could tell was protruding from my face but all I could feel with my hands was air. Although the protrusion could feel my hands passing through it.
Barliaus laughed as he watched me in my state of confusion. "Ahhh… yes your muzzle, hahahahaha… please tell me; how does it feel?" he asked pleasantly; "I don't like it… please I am sorry for breaking the rules… take it back I promise to follow the rules." I begged Barliaus; he smiled in pity and patted my snout and said "No you have made your choice now you must live with the consequences."
Surprise washed over me like a huge wave as I realized he could touch my ghost-like limbs. "How are you doing that… every time I try to touch these… things I pass through them?" I asked A sinister smile crept over Barliaus's muzzle as he said "Unlike humans, we dragons can see and feel these limbs because you truly support them. This is who you truly are and might I say you look better like this."
As he was saying this; my ears started tingling and then lost feeling. "WAIT," I yelled and Barliaus simply stared and watched as I lost the feeling of human ears. When the feeling returned to my ears; I had the sensation of two fin-like ears being where my flappy human ears used to be.
"How do you like your first punishment," Barliaus asked smugly. "What do you mean my *first* punishment?" I replied suspiciously; "I changed something that you will never be able to hide… slowly you will lose your capability of human speech and you will only be able to speak our language." Rage filled me as Barliaus chuckled feeling victorious.
Without thinking I attacked the dragon; he saw my offensive movement the minute I began it. Like a cobra striking Barliaus snatched me up by my newly formed tail. Pain ran through my spine as I was lifted into the air by my invisible limb. "Now why would you try that… after what happened last night why would you attempt this?"
He asked surprised; "Let go of mrrr," horror struck me as I realized that I had just spoke dragon tongue. Sighing Barliaus put me down on my bed, careful not to injure my new limbs. "Tomorrow we are taking you home… your transformation to a dragon has started… you have initiated the impulse."
Okay Today I am officially a member for four months and what better way to celebrate with a new part to my series? I hope you enjoy and thank-you everyone for supporting me for four FREAKING months lol... really you are all great and I hope that you all know that this really means alot to me. Have a nice day/night and thanks for reading.
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Gexna Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Nice part ^^
Phantom limbs are an exciting theme, and you really captured in the story how they feel like.

Also nice to see the continuation of A dragon impulse :D .
Keep doing such good jobs.
NyraWrites Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank-you Gex I really tried to capture some feeling in this chapter and thank-you for reading my parts.
chaosdragon77 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Student General Artist
i think this is your best chapter yet clay
NyraWrites Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank-you Chaos it means a lot to me.
chaosdragon77 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Student General Artist
your welcome
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