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Nyra Nartéla, the other wolfish writer!

Check out my cool website for polls, project announcements, freelance commissioning, prizes, and other sweet things!

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A chapter is a continuation of a story. It does not have an introduction, a rising action, a conflict, a denouement, and a resolution all in the same production. It may have several small versions of the above mentioned stages, but they do not dictate the whole plot to the degree of beginning and finalizing the story. There may be two chapters that create a whole story, but never only a single one.
Short Story
A 'short' story is a tale that includes an introduction, conflict, rising action, climax, a denouement, and an exit within the boundaries of 3,000 to 5,500 words. It will not exceed 6,000 words without a reasonable pay increase of 5:points: for every 20 words.

If the commission reaches the 6,000 word set-cost limit, I will send a notification to the commissioner and will consult with him/her about reducing certain parts of the story, or if he/she is willing to pay the increase. I am fair, and I may be willing to waive the increase to a maximum of 200 words if the commission ends within that boundary.
Webcontent and Other Writing
It isn't highly popular here on for writers to offer their services to aid in the writing of a blog, website content, product descriptions, or similar business-based productions. It isn't considered 'creative' writing, and it takes a certain level of technical skill to create material viewers can easily understand.

I can write this kind of content. If you need a professional-looking blog entry, website page, product synopsis, or anything similar--commission me to do it for you! This commission, because it's broadly established, charges 550:points: initially. This price ensures that all work I do, the hours I put in, will be rewarded to a degree. This price can vary, and most likely will depending on the task requested and the time dedicated to it.

See the contract above for more information regarding price variations.

I do expect the contract to be both digitally (typed) and signed by either an electronic handwriting device, or a scanned signature. Upon approval of your commission, send the contract to Nyra Nartéla at

Would you be interested in an online newspaper featuring news regarding artists, writers, crafters, etc. who deal with anthropomorphic characters? 

4 deviants said Yes, it would be neat to read.
1 deviant said No, it would be a waste because it doesn't sport relevant news.



NyraWrites has started a donation pool!
2 / 2,000
This pool is to help out with commissioning artists to draw pieces for my newest series coming out, help fund the prizes I give away, pay for services here on DA that deviants in need cannot afford themselves, and many other things!

:bulletblue: 1-5 :points: I will visit your page and leave a comment.

:bulletgreen: 6-10 :points: I will +fave one piece of yours.

:bulletyellow: 11-15 :points: I will either +fave two pieces, or add you to my DA watch.

:bulletorange: 16-20 :points: I will either add you to my DA watch, or feature you in my next journal.

:bulletpink: 21-25 :points: I will feature you in my next journal, and/or give you a llama.

:bulletred: 26-30 :points: I will give you an exclusive feature spot in my next journal, and I will +fave two pieces of your work.

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NyraWrites's Profile Picture
Nyra Nartéla
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Some are Born Bad to the Bone. Others are born to fly. Certain people are born to craft. I was born to write, and I love doing so. I am writer who has been working on improving my style for nearly seven years. Finally, all of my efforts are paying off. I am a freelance, locally published journalist in my hometown, so I know my way around the written word. Usually, when I come up with an idea I write about it. Here, in my archives, lay some of my first productions--way before I ever dreamed that I would reach a point where my talent had grown enough to grant me publication status. That being said, I warn you that the quality is rough, but I am proud to say that I have returned to post my new workings on the internet!
Follow me on Twitter:
Look me up on Instagram:
Check out the NyraFeed app:…
And don't neglect to explore my personal website!!! The link is below...

(Bio image drawn by :iconsoupa12: )

:heart:My Favorite Artist!!!:heart:
She is accepting commissions, is a great artist, and is definitely worth checking out! She drew my avatar!
Hey guys,

Guess what just happened!?! I was heading off to bed, as it's nearly 2:05 a.m. here, and while I was getting into my sleeping gear--or a lack thereof--I decided to check my emails before turning in. I like keeping up to date with things, just so I can solve any problems that may arise.

First, my personal email didn't yield anything of interest--other than those free Viagra junk mails that come in. I swear, why do I get those things? Perhaps it is the commerce way of poking fun at my 'intimate' life? Hope not, that's just a creepy thought: the NSA getting bored enough to spam hundreds of thousands of inboxes around the US with penile enhancement pills. If that is the case, I think the OMB needs to rethink their budget handouts.

Following my brief moment of complete junk-mail obliteration--to which I heard every single pseudo-correspondence quote the great Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back,"--I switched over to my Gmail for online work. The main box didn't include anything more than a few basic 'thanks for joining' messages regarding a few apps I have signed up for (I will explain more about those later.) I again cleared my primary box, and was ready to fall asleep just as I caught sight of a little notification in the 'social' tab. Normally those are recommendations on, or suggestions of who to follow on Twitter. Other times they are random third-party sites asking me to try out their products *coughs*Viagra*coughs*. To put it bluntly, I wasn't excited to find mail in that particular box.

Boy, if I had known what was lying in wait, I would've jumped and slapped the ceiling. I know I did after I read the notification from! My hand is still red and sore from my unconstrained, poorly thought-out explosion of euphemism. This is why I am generally slow and lacking in the expressive department. Usually.

Someone, some great person, exhausted their funds on a 3-month premium membership subscription from this site, and gifted to me! I am eternally grateful to :iconshadowfaller: for his selflessness and kindness! This really has made my birthday something special! Please take a look at his page, and be sure to watch him! He has some pretty amazing stories that he is working on!

:iconshadowfaller: You are the man, with some predestined plan. I'm not wholly certain what it may be, but I do know you are a great fellow--a jolly good fellow! (What song is that from... a limerick?)

I want to thank the birthday wishes in advance--and if there aren't any, I bet I look dumb now, huh? I want to place extra emphasis on :iconshadowfaller:, if you can't tell after three icon mentions, because premium is something I really have been wanting for a while now.

To show how absolutely thrilled I am, I have changed my name to fit all of my online profiles into one consistent, or nearly consistent, username. I have added a direct feed to my Twitter on my page. I have included polls here for my readers, friends, and fans to use to give me direct feedback on questions I may have. (If you want more polls, visit my website at NyraFeed). And finally, I will browse art... AD FREE! Thank-god, maybe I will stop seeing sites begging for me to donate to animal shelters I've never heard of, or odd art projects I can't muster excitement for. Maybe, if I am truly lucky, the NSA will stop forcing Viagra upon me. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. I would like to believe Viagra doesn't work. (No reason to harass me, I do not truly suspect the NSA is behind advertisement castings.)

Those who were wondering what wonderful apps I have joined, I have some cool news! Alongside, I have joined Instagram (follow me at NyraWrites), SnapChat (look up Nyrawrites), and Skype (find me at nntwwoda)! Anyone is free, and encouraged, to add me at any of those social media hook-ups! It will be fun interacting with you guys, and I look forward to showing more about how I write and the awesome things I do.

One more thing before I go off to bed, how many of you would be interested if Nyra had a Facebook? Just leave your thoughts in the comments below, please.

Thanks for reading,

--Nyra Nartéla


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