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Nyra Nartéla, the other wolfish writer!

Check out my cool website for polls, project announcements, freelance commissioning, prizes, and other sweet things!

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A chapter is a continuation of a story. It does not have an introduction, a rising action, a conflict, a denouement, and a resolution all in the same production. It may have several small versions of the above mentioned stages, but they do not dictate the whole plot to the degree of beginning and finalizing the story. There may be two chapters that create a whole story, but never only a single one.
Short Story
A 'short' story is a tale that includes an introduction, conflict, rising action, climax, a denouement, and an exit within the boundaries of 3,000 to 5,500 words. It will not exceed 6,000 words without a reasonable pay increase of 5:points: for every 20 words.

If the commission reaches the 6,000 word set-cost limit, I will send a notification to the commissioner and will consult with him/her about reducing certain parts of the story, or if he/she is willing to pay the increase. I am fair, and I may be willing to waive the increase to a maximum of 200 words if the commission ends within that boundary.
Webcontent and Other Writing
It isn't highly popular here on for writers to offer their services to aid in the writing of a blog, website content, product descriptions, or similar business-based productions. It isn't considered 'creative' writing, and it takes a certain level of technical skill to create material viewers can easily understand.

I can write this kind of content. If you need a professional-looking blog entry, website page, product synopsis, or anything similar--commission me to do it for you! This commission, because it's broadly established, charges 550:points: initially. This price ensures that all work I do, the hours I put in, will be rewarded to a degree. This price can vary, and most likely will depending on the task requested and the time dedicated to it.

See the contract above for more information regarding price variations.

I do expect the contract to be both digitally (typed) and signed by either an electronic handwriting device, or a scanned signature. Upon approval of your commission, send the contract to Nyra Nartéla at

Say I was to commission an alluring image of one of my characters, who would you rather it be of? 

3 deviants said Tremeá Permede
2 deviants said Nyra Nartéla (Don't tell her or I'll be in trouble... Again.)
2 deviants said Luicia Bars (A vixen I have yet to release)
1 deviant said Mystery Character from 8-Bit Reboot

Need Something Spicy?

Want to see some pretty awesome things? Want to know more about Nyra's projects and current stories? Perhaps you would like to be notified about secret raffles, contests, exclusive content, and musings from the author--before they are officially released to the public?

You won't get any of those features here, this is the regular display! Nyra posts more work and updates outside of these days! Don't miss out! Don't be the last in the know! Don't fall behind on your favorite stories and characters! Nyra has a personal website that has premier material for those brave enough to venture beyond this limited gallery. Click the link below to explore a new world of possibilities!
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NyraWrites has started a donation pool!
13 / 2,000
This pool is to help out with commissioning artists to draw pieces for my newest series coming out, help fund the prizes I give away, pay for services here on DA that deviants in need cannot afford themselves, and many other things!

:bulletblue: 1-5 :points: I will visit your page and leave a comment.

:bulletgreen: 6-10 :points: I will +fave one piece of yours.

:bulletyellow: 11-15 :points: I will either +fave two pieces, or add you to my DA watch.

:bulletorange: 16-20 :points: I will either add you to my DA watch, or feature you in my next journal.

:bulletpink: 21-25 :points: I will feature you in my next journal, and/or give you a llama.

:bulletred: 26-30 :points: I will give you an exclusive feature spot in my next journal, and I will +fave two pieces of your work.

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Two journals in such a short period of time? Maybe I am becoming a blogger...?

    No, I can promise my readers that I'm not a full-time blogger--I do have blog on my website however that you should check out--as it bores me to death. I'm not too fond over the thought of perishing from menial, life-updating technical writing. To me, that kind of garbage is, well--garbage! So these journals are just mandatory notifications that I believe my watchers, both recent and old, will enjoy.

    Now, according to some past polls I had up on my site, I will NOT publish any chapters of 8-Bit Reboot until I have an artist to start the comic. I apologize to those who voted for the opposite, but this is a democracy (until I decide it isn't) and the people have chosen what they want. Most would rather look at pretty pictures than shift through a dusty, digital written series. That is the generation we are living in, folks. We'll just have to deal with what the popular population decides. You know I love you all equally, and I am grateful for each watcher who actively pays attention to my stuff, and that is why I am undertaking some other cool projects that will hopefully hold you over until some brave artist steps up.

    First off, yes I am starting my own company. People have asked me if my account was hacked and if someone was scamming my watchers. The answer is: no. Fanglancers is an online business that registers freelance writers, artists, animators, fursuit makers, web designers, programmers, and many other kinds of independent creators and finds clients for them. We are a kind of 'talent agency' in a sense that we seek jobs for those with talent, but no exposure. We don't charge patrons seeking for freelance workers, and the freelancers do not pay a fee to enlist with us. The only monetary gain that we glean is a small percentage of the commission payment. The freelance sets his/her own rates to charge the client, and they work with us to set an agreeable percentage Fanglancers earns from the commission.

    We are requesting all kinds of artists, writers, and commission-able online craftsmen to contact us and to join our team. We treat every employee as family, and we even have openings in our main-body! Check out the Fanglancers' Facebook page, follow Fanglancers on Twitter, and learn more about Fanglancers on Nyra's personal website NyraFeed!

    "Is that all you are doing? That sounds boring!" Hold off, restrain yourself--you critical beasts! That is NOT all I am up to.

    Those who watch me on Twitter, or read my site's blog, or have even added me on Facebook, know of my latest, most prominent project I am initiating for the people. They know of the exclusive content--such as the new art contest and the project's goal and name. My followers outside of DeviantART would also know about team positions with the new venture. Seems like going outside of this site to check out my external links is a good idea, huh?

    To appease the crowds, and by popular demand, I am proudly announcing the very first Furry-based online newspaper! I'll kindly withhold from stating the name, and I won't give away too many details about it because it's all over my other media. I will tell you, however, that we need writers, and there is an art contest for local artists to design the 'Paw Print' logo. The winner will be chosen through a vote, and their design will become the first logo for the newspaper. The artist will be accredited every issue by having their name posted under the logo on the header. Any kind of art is taken--though we strongly recommend submitting digital as the public tends to favor that.

    If you wish to enter, either send your work to me--Nyra Nartéla--here on DeviantART via some personal correspondence, send your entry to me through email:, or go to the Facebook page and contact me there. You could be on the front page, every issue!

    *The contest will end at 6:00 P.M. MDT, July 10th

    Thanks for reading, I hope you are encouraged by this notification!


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Nyra Nartéla
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Some are Born Bad to the Bone. Others are born to fly. Certain people are born to craft. I was born to write, and I love doing so. I am writer who has been working on improving my style for nearly seven years. Finally, all of my efforts are paying off. I am a freelance, locally published journalist in my hometown, so I know my way around the written word. Usually, when I come up with an idea I write about it. Here, in my archives, lay some of my first productions--way before I ever dreamed that I would reach a point where my talent had grown enough to grant me publication status. That being said, I warn you that the quality is rough, but I am proud to say that I have returned to post my new workings on the internet!
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And don't neglect to explore my personal website!!! The link is below...

(Bio image drawn by :iconsoupa12: )

:heart:My Favorite Artist!!!:heart:
She is accepting commissions, is a great artist, and is definitely worth checking out! She drew my avatar!


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