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Yes, I accept commissions!

I design 3D printed necklace pendants, fursuit tags for collars, some cosplay props, and I'm a writer!

If you're interested in learning more about my 3D printing and what I'm willing to print, you may contact me. The most direct way to reach me is here on DeviantART with a note, or a personal email:

I'm up to writing anything for you! I have two years experience writing at my local paper. I have won several writing awards--including two Silver Keys in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. Writing is my passion, so expect me to meet your request with nothing less but the utmost enthusiasm!

I do NOT accept point commissions.

Would completely remastering A Dragon Impluse be worth my time? 

3 deviants said Hell yeah!
3 deviants said Please do something new. (TF-included, with dragons)
2 deviants said It doesn't matter, leaning towards yes.
1 deviant said Completely neutral.
No deviants said Hell no!
No deviants said It doesn't matter, leaning towards no.
No deviants said Please do something new. (Non-TF, no dragons)


       I'll be honest, I'm not certain of what I should call this. The idea isn't set in stone, but it has the potential to be--depending on how I feel after seeing the number of people that enter. My willingness to do this is also dictated by the kinds of requests that people have in mind. Mundane stories are very hard for me to get in to. For example, if someone were to ask me to write for them a story about their character in a normal day of their life (you know, to show how "regular" they are) I would be hard pressed to find any--any--motivation to do it. I get it, it's fun to have background information on your characters. I do it all of the time! Writing about your character is good practice, and makes it easier to understand them; thus leading to deeper character development. But imagine how it feels to be the author writing about someone's sona. They mean very little to you. The story isn't much of a tale when it's just describing the character in the uneventful span of day-to-day living. We get excited about our own creations, but it's difficult to be excited over a creation some other individual came up with, and wants you (the writer) to fill in all of the little details for them.

       I'm not "hating" on anyone here, I'm simply explaining why I never do giveaways, or take requests for that matter. It's hard enough to get me motivated to write anything for the public, much less write for other people.

       Since it's almost Christmas, I guess I can step out of my comfort zone. I guess. Old Saint Dick--ahem!--I mean: Old Saint Nick probably wouldn't mind if used a request giveaway (or two?) as an excuse to avoid family this year. If he does cares, then he can shove it right up his commercialized kiester! I pay way too much for presents that'll be discarded later anyways. And coal fetches a good price nowadays. Sell that stuff, and I am better off than I was before he came.

       Back on topic! We should probably discuss what the heck I am talking about. I gave all of the fine print above, so let's get to the point. I might be hosting a giveaway for one to two stories. You can choose whatever your little black heart desires--it's time to be greedy (seeing as it is the holidays of course). Please note that if you choose something will adult themes, I probably won't post that here on my page. In fact I know for certain that I won't. I keep the pee-pees away from my creative canyons, if you catch my meaning like an undesired hitchhiker with the nickname STI. Wrapping that up *winky face* we can move on to the real juicy bit! How to freaking enter this thing.

       Because I planned ahead (four seconds is considered thinking ahead) I most definitely won't have to make this up as I go along. Hmm. Uh. Oh gods from the ninth circle... help me with this.


       Aha! I got an idea! You have to work for your biscuit! If you wish to enter the drawing, you must do something with pancakes, put your name on it, and either send it to me via the comment section, or deliver it to me by note (if you can even do that). You can draw a doodle of pancakes, take a picture of them--whatever! I just need to see your name, contact info, and something to do with pancakes. Since I am the host of this cluster of bad ideas, I will tell you that the funny ones will be best off. Heck, if I really like your submission, I may just give you a story for kicks! Perhaps there will be other prizes, but right now the story giveaway is all I have in store.

       Let's shoot for two stories to giveaway. Two syrupy mothertruckers are going to get lucky. Not too lucky. This is PG-13 here. Well, maybe closer to PG-Bring-a-Parent-Anyways. You can get a kiss, but beyond that I think we are all inexperienced. I look forward to seeing your creativity!


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Nyra Nartéla
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Some are Born Bad to the Bone. Others are born to fly. Certain people are born to craft. I was born to write, and I love doing so. I am writer who has been working on improving my style for nearly seven years. Finally, all of my efforts are paying off. I am a freelance, locally published journalist in my hometown, so I know my way around the written word. Usually, when I come up with an idea I write about it. Here, in my archives, lay some of my first productions--way before I ever dreamed that I would reach a point where my talent had grown enough to grant me publication status. That being said, I warn you that the quality is rough, but I am proud to say that I have returned to post my new workings on the internet!


(Bio image drawn by :iconsoupa12: )


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Your awesome story "Draconis Rock" inspired me to write my own, called "In Virtute Ignis".

I hope you enjoy it! ;)
NyraWrites Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Oh wow! That's a very old piece of mine! I'm happy to hear that it helped inspire you!
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Thanks! ;)
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No problem! ^.^
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Thanks :)
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