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Nyra Nartéla, the other wolfish writer!

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Yes, I accept commissions!

I design 3D printed necklace pendants, fursuit tags for collars, some cosplay props, and I'm a writer!

If you're interested in learning more about my 3D printing and what I'm willing to print, you may contact me. The most direct way to reach me is here on DeviantART with a note, or a personal email:

I'm up to writing anything for you! I have two years experience writing at my local paper. I have won several writing awards--including two Silver Keys in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition. Writing is my passion, so expect me to meet your request with nothing less but the utmost enthusiasm!

I do NOT accept point commissions.

Would completely remastering A Dragon Impluse be worth my time? 

3 deviants said Hell yeah!
2 deviants said It doesn't matter, leaning towards yes.
2 deviants said Please do something new. (TF-included, with dragons)
1 deviant said Completely neutral.
No deviants said Hell no!
No deviants said It doesn't matter, leaning towards no.
No deviants said Please do something new. (Non-TF, no dragons)


Yeah, you read that title correctly--this is a writing update. The first one DeviantART has seen from me in nearly a full year. It's been a long time, but all well. I believe I'm better off coming back, than leaving this place to completely rot.

This account was originally home to just my middle school writing projects. None of the work I posted (save a few more recent cases) came from my collection developed in high school and beyond. Now that I am in college, and I write frequently to entertain myself, my style has greatly changed. One can only imagine the differences between a child's and a young adult's literature. The gap is, in my eyes, rather jarring and large when placed side-by-side. Due to DeviantART's gallery system, my old tales would be placed right along with any new writing I put out. The stark contrast--ah! The absolute abhorrent level of the writing from my childhood would choke any and all professionalism from my newer pieces.

I feel as if the past work has set the tone for this account: mediocre and incomplete. Suffice to say, those are two adjectives I don't enjoy having describe me. Of course, one could argue that I could go back, rewrite, and edit my works. However, let's look at this logically. College is not something that graciously allows a lot of downtime. Exams are every other week for me--thanks to bad planning by professors and time constraint. Homework is a daily thing. Reading Business Law, Employment Law, Payroll Accounting, and Accounting Procedures devours the very life from me; thus rendering me a husk by the end of the day. The only time I have to write is between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Two hours is barely enough time to relax and idly release tension via stress writing. The mere concept of sitting down and rewriting almost a hundred stories (that I cannot remember at all) does not appeal to me in the slightest. So the simple answer is: "I ain't gon' do it!"

With one exception...

If anyone missed it, I "accidentally" made a Freudian slip and posted an image to my gallery. You can thank ol' Nyra for this one: Leak!

Don't think it's going to be a simple revision of those atrocious grammatical errors. It's not. Also, don't expect it to be an exact copy with a slight twist. It won't be. In fact, the main character won't even have the same name--but the old name will still be applied to a character in the story somewhere. The plot needs a lot of work. It made little to no sense. I can understand some suspension of disbelief being necessary in a story--people changed into dragons for goodness' sakes! But there is a point where the unbelievable becomes too overbearing and some slight narration is required. However, an all-knowing mouth tells too much. I think I have an idea on how to remedy that.

Additionally, I'm cutting all references to LMFAO. Holy shit, it was the cringiest reread I've ever had. I only read half of the first chapter. This shit demands correction! Middle school mini-me, prepare to lose your hour's worth of work making too many LMFAO ass-kissing lines. First off, I can bear through only one of their songs. Secondly, any middle school interests are regarded as bad ideas and are instantly treated with regret. So allow me to reintroduce myself to this story's world. Then in five years I will again regret everything I have written. (I will be a miserable, single, grouchy asshole. Consider this a time-capsule statement, Future Me.)

Rejoice, my only remastered series is in the works. Before you get too enthusiastic over that great announcement, you need to answer some questions.

1) Should I move accounts to avoid any style-clashing with my past shit shows?

2) I'm thinking of going back to Wattpad, though on a new account. I would stop being active here, mostly because DeviantART's membership is getting to be fucking expensive. I depend on the member features. The free accounts don't offer the utility I need to stay connected. Would you be willing to read my works on Wattpad?

3) I am closing all forms of donation accounts. My Patreon has been disabled, and the point-pool feature has been removed from my page. I've had people tell me that those features are for serious professionals only. (This isn't a question, this is me apologizing for incorrectly using those two donation options.) At the time of making them, I was doing YouTube and I was posting regularly. Now that college has me by the tail, I didn't realize how much of an asshole I was for leaving them up. Thank you to those who donated, and were a patron! I greatly appreciate the support!

4) My chatrooms are dead, and I no longer use them. If you are one of the individuals who only contacts me via DA, would you like to talk through notes?

5) Skype is a piece of garbage, would anyone rather communicate through Telegram, Snapchat, or Kik?

That's all. I realize this was a long winded, stupid, unnecessary shit-posting update, but you know what? Fuck it, I don't care.

Hahaha, all right! Thanks for reading this far, have a good one!



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Nyra Nartéla
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Some are Born Bad to the Bone. Others are born to fly. Certain people are born to craft. I was born to write, and I love doing so. I am writer who has been working on improving my style for nearly seven years. Finally, all of my efforts are paying off. I am a freelance, locally published journalist in my hometown, so I know my way around the written word. Usually, when I come up with an idea I write about it. Here, in my archives, lay some of my first productions--way before I ever dreamed that I would reach a point where my talent had grown enough to grant me publication status. That being said, I warn you that the quality is rough, but I am proud to say that I have returned to post my new workings on the internet!


(Bio image drawn by :iconsoupa12: )


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